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UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Land Surveys

drone-remoteDuring the past 50 years, surveying and engineering measurement technology has made five quantum leaps: the electronic distance meter, total station, GPS, robotic total station and laser scanner. Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) or drones (also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs) is the sixth quantum leap in technology

Whether you need construction progress photography, aerial photography or a mapping survey we can provide a cost-effective solution for major construction projects, infrastructure projects, and surveying projects.

Our machines are GPS equipped which enables us to fly an exact flight path many times, doing this several times over a period allows a time-lapse image of work being conducted on a site to be built.

We can provide detailed imagery with high-resolution photography to enable improved decision-making in sectors where safety, quality and cost are key factors.

What are the key benefits to using UAS for land surveys:

  • Reduced costs – our UAS’s can provide you with the answers much faster than traditional surveys.
  • Saves time – large areas can be surveyed up to 30 times quicker than conventional methods.
  • Improves safety – surveying hazardous areas with minimal ground access required.
  • Improves decision-making – you are able to have quick access to imagery, allowing decisions to be made quicker.

This ever-growing method of aerial land or property surveying allows photos or filming to be taken from angles that traditional manned aerial photography cannot provide, and take pictures in low cloud when higher altitude aircraft cannot fly very cost effectively.

Using a UAS reduces the time spent collecting accurate data. By acquiring data from the sky – in the form of geo-referenced digital aerial images, with resolutions as sharp as 1.5 cm (0.6 in) per pixel – we can gather millions of data points in one short flight.

With collection made so simple, we can focus our energy on using and analyzing data, rather than working out how to gather it. Many large jobs that once took weeks can be completed in just a few days, and a week’s worth of traditional data collection is now achieved in just one day.


Below are popular survey types we offer:

Construction Staking
Boundary Surveys
Utility Routes
Subdivision Staking
Pipeline Right-Of-Way Staking
Topographic Surveys
Easement Surveys
Oil/Gas Well Staking
Oil/Gas Well Location Pad Layout Surveys
Road Layout Surveys

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